Course curriculum

  • 1

    You don't just train to train. You train to get better!

    • Do you know how long it takes your players to recover and adapt from the game? (Stress - Adaptation)

  • 2

    How hard can you train your team when you step out onto the field?

    • We'll show you how to get the overall training load of your sessions right and the 7 training session types you need as a coach

  • 3


    • How to run the ideal warm-up for your players

  • 4

    Prepare your players for the most explosive moments of the game

    • Improve your players athleticism & resilience to injury with foundational movement development (Speed, Agility & Quickness)

  • 5

    Soccer-specific maximal speed

    • Straight sprinting is the most frequent action in goal scoring situations. Give your players an edge in these goal scoring moments.

  • 6

    Repeated Sprint Ability

    • Can your players perform repeated sprints in quick succession when the game calls for it?

  • 7

    Technical & Tactical Exercises

    • We'll go well beyond age-specific work and rest durations. Optimize any exercise to replicate the game environment and accomplish your training objective.

  • 8

    Fitness: Game for Physical Development

    • You’ll get a simple, but powerful 4-step action plan to accelerate the demands of the game during training that will increase your players' fitness.

  • 9


    • We’ll give you a step by step guide to plan out your peak load & game size for each week during pre-season and the maximum match minutes for each exhibition

  • 10


    • We'll show you how to taper before the tournament to increase your team's performance during the tournament. And rebuild to give them time to adapt after the tournament to increase your team’s success the rest of the season.